we are developing and licensing advanced industrial vision systems

About SENSSIGHT, we are a technology and innovation company specialized in development and licensing of advanced industrial vision systems for industrial markets.

“Think different and deliver” is our motto that makes us unique in the market. Above all, our turnkey solutions are based on open collaboration, starting from the choice of optics, through electronic design, towards software and firmware development.

Founded in January 2017 and based in Meylan, France, SENSSIGHT is expert in imaging technologies for automotive, industrial maintenance,  security, home appliances, smart building, and smart cities.

IR shot of our unique team with FLIR Boson

Even more, it is the appreciation of a well done job, fueled by challenges and a good dose of passion which initiated the creation of SENSSIGHT. From the beginning, we have worked to build strong relationships with our customers, suppliers and employees to create a breeding ground for innovation. Therefore, going off the beaten track and imagining new solutions with high added value is our motto. Promoting internal and external dialogue, SENSSIGHT is the ideal convergence of your projects and our ambitions. As a result, let’s start a unique story in between us!

About SENSSIGHT - Brand-new meaningful senssight logo

behind our logo

“Without a meaningful logo, our communication was lacking a major element. On may 2017, this was solved with the birth of our brand-new logo. It clearly leads the way towards the creation of our graphical universe, what makes who we are! From now on, you cannot doubt about what we want to express: a flavour of vision technology powered by a real enthusiasm to be useful and disruptive”. Enjoy!


Managing director, SENSSIGHT

Our goals 

emerge as a major player in the European market in the next 3 years

put innovation at the center of our organization

delight our customers

Years in The Business

months to reach our first-year forcasted turnover

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Products released

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29 chemin du Vieux Chêne,

38240 MEYLAN (France)

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