A dedicated vision device can surely solve one of the numerous challenges you are facing on your brand new product roadmap. However, knowing and integrating an imager in your product is out of your main expertise. After several trials with a trainee (how good he or she is), you ask yourself about a more straight forward solution compliant with your market launch constraints.

Willing to identify the right solution to an emerging need, we can:

  • Search for a disruptive solution for more added value taking into account state-of-the-art publications
  • Inform and train your team to raise awareness of machine vision technologies

Wanting to identify a relevant partner to help you develop your solution, we can:

  • Help you to validate your technical choices
  • Develop a dedicated vision module (including hardware, firmware and software)
  • Licence one module of our portfolio, tune it to your needs if needed and finally guide you through its integration

Wanting to confirm a project feasibility, we can:

  • Validate a functional choice by selecting the right hardware/software combination to maximize your market differentiation
  • Realise a proof of concept to finally make on field use cases validation


You are a major international player whose core business is to manufacture imagers (visible, near infrared, thermal infrared, …). You are looking for partners that will reduce the gap in between your sales/support team and your customers that integrate your products.

Willing to grow your bottom line, we can:

  • Help your sales force by providing demonstration kits with amazing functionalities
  • Support your European customers on-site and remotely to reduce their time-to-market
  • Characterize your products and write down documentation on specific subjects
Whichever maturity your project is, it’s time to exchange about what we can do better together