Présences Grenoble honored us with an interview in the N°295 of December 2018. Thanks to Annie Zylberberg for this exchange, here is a quick overview. The year 2018 ended on a high note with the launch of our first product. Thus, a compact and rugged wired thermal probe is the result of the last few months of research and development at our company, which now has 5 employees. Designed for preventive maintenance but also safety applications, this probe, which can be connected to a smartphone, instantly provides an accurate thermal image to measure temperatures, detect liquid leaks and also observe variations in thermal behaviour over time. With its diameter of only 2.3cm, this tool will easily complete the toolbox of maintenance technicians or craftsmen (plumbers for example). Developments are already planned with new business functions but also a wireless version. We look forward to seeing you in 2019 for more and more new products!

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