Our company

SENSSIGHT is a technology and innovation company specializing in the development and the licensing of advanced industrial vision systems for industrial markets.

Think different and deliver is a motto that makes us unique in the market. Our turnkey solutions open a wide area of collaboration starting from optic choice, to software and firmware development, going through electronic design.

Founded in January 2017 and based in Meylan, France, SENSSIGHT is expert in imaging technology for automotive, industrial maintenance,  security, home appliances, smart building, and smart cities.


Fueled by passion and commitment, SENSSIGHT team is always looking at disruptive and innovative solutions, to bring added value and differentiation to our customers.

“Without a meaningful logo, our communication was lacking a major element. On may 2017, this was solved with the birth of our brandnew logo. It clearly leads the way towards the creation of our graphical universe, what makes who we are! From now on, you can not doubt about what we want to express: a flavor of vision technology  powered by a real enthousiasm to be useful and disruptive”. Enjoy! Lionel CHAVEROT


Organization’s goals

to emerge as a major player in the European market in the next 3 years

to put innovation at the center of our organization

to delight our customers

SENSSIGHT in a nutshell

Established in: January 2017

Location: based in the suburbs of Grenoble known as the European Silicon Valley, France

Turnover: Confidential

Main accomplishments


  • Reached our first-year forecasted turnover in less than 9 months
  • Hired our first collaborators
  • 5 proof of concepts delivered


Stay tuned, more to come!